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김영래1.jpg   Welcome to Jesus Link Global!
  We are here to Link
People/Churches with One Another
for JESUS.

  Jesus Link Global

   aims to relocate and exchange the gifts and grace of Christian Workers globally

   in order to be God’s instruments for God’s global mission.

 Younglae Kim

 CLO (Creative Link Organizer), Jesus Link Global      JLG believes in the ministry of LINK
 Contact Us at ylaekimdr@aol.com                       L-ocating Jesus, the Savior
                                                                 I-dentifying Ourselves as Missionaries
etworking Sisters/Brothers as Mission Partners
                                                                 K-ingdomization of the World

 What Can You Do for the Ministry of Jesus Link Global?

You can be Resource Providers

  Speech (On Line and Off Line)/Writing/Consulting/Counseling/Couching/Programs/Publications and more…


 You can do Link Requests

   Invite Speakers/Request Writings/Exhange Worker-Staffs for Training (Person to Person/Church to Church)
Share Programs (Church to Church) a
nd more…

 How Can You Be Part of the Ministry of Jesus Link Global? 

Be Resources Providers by Registering Yourself (e-mail at ylaekimdr@aol.com)
  name/picture/short bio/available resources

 Make Your Link Requests by Identifying Your Needs (write on Link Requests or e-mail at ylaekimdr@aol)
                                          For more Information  사진수정.jpg  Clubsani@hotmail.com
                                                                           San Kang  
                                                                           LM (Link Manager), Jesus Link Global