RonMartoiaDr. Ron Martoia is a transformational architect. What in the world is that you ask? Ron helps people and the organisms they serve, design and then journey through the experience of deep change. He consults with executive teams in corporate settings, but specializes in churches. The landscape of ministry is undergoing quantum changes. Many of these changes are theological and cultural shifts that in turn change the way churches see and then intersect their communities . Author of numerous periodical articles, his first book project was entitled Morph!, a volume helping leaders do good self leadership as they foster creative and compelling environments. Ron's second book came out in May of 2007. Static: Tuning out the "Christian Noise" to Experience the Real Message of Jesus, addresses how the words we use are containers, which engender or endanger genuine dialogue. The sequel to Static, Transformational Architecture: Reshaping Our Lives as Narrative (Zondervan), will look at the skyrocketing interest in spirituality in our culture and how to use those entry points so we can enter the arena of spiritual conversations (release date fall 2008).