wolfgangsimpson.JPGWolfgang Simson is a strategy consultant, researcher, theologian and journalist within various networks and regional and gloval strategy think tanks. A former social worker, earned an M.Th.from the Free Evangelical Theological Academy (Switzerland), where he later served as both a professor and assistant to the Dean. Wolfgang has served in several churches, as pastor, teacher and evangelist. After an extensive time as a Church Consultant, he did postgraduate studies in Missions and Cultural Anthropology in Belgium and the USA. Through extensive and global research on growing churches, church planting movements and revival and mission breakthroughs he became a widely sought-after speaker in discipling nations through multiplying churches;  the unity, substance and essence of the church; and is currently one of the global voices on the City Church and house-based forms of Christianity. He is a board member of both the British and the German Church Growth associations, member of the Lausanne Movement in Germany, editor of the The fridayfax, and author of several books including Houses that Change the World. He has relocated from Madras, South India to live in Germany.